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Smiling man is playing golf

“I left the office feeling confident and at ease…”

Thanks to Align Integrated Medical, I was able to regain control of my health! I was hesitant about their approach to healing at first, but Dr. Dickey walked me through the entire therapy process from start to finish and answered any questions or concerns I had. The entire process was streamlined and organized as well. I left the office feeling confident and at ease about the procedure.

James A.

young relaxed woman resting while sitting with laptop

“Dr. Dickey made sure that I was comfortable…”

Dr. Dickey made sure that I was comfortable and gave me different treatment options before working on an individualized plan for me. Super nice and understanding. Called for an emergency visit, and they were very polite and were able to see me without an appointment; as soon as you walk inside the office, you feel the warmth and compassion. 

Paula D.

Handsome athlete tying his shoe laces

“Very organized, friendly, professional. Outstanding work…”

Dr. Dickey is so caring and compassionate. I highly recommend Align Integrated Medical’s HUGO™ High-Intensity PEMF Therapy and HOCATT™ Platinum Ozone Therapy. I have been to numerous doctors in my life, but their practice is by far the best. Very organized, friendly, professional. Outstanding work! 

Andrew F.

Hiker poses in front of mountain peaks range hiking

“Extremely easy and stress-free…”

5 stars for Align Integrated Medical and Dr. Dickey! Their HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy did wonders for my back pain and anxiety. The process was extremely easy and stress-free. The office was also very clean and organized. Nothing but great things to say. Would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Victor C.

Couple stretching outdoors before morning run

“Intelligent, professional, and dedicated….”

Dr. Dickey is simply a great doctor. His holistic approach to healing combines years of experience in treating patients with current innovations and progress in the field of medicine. A well-rounded physician: intelligent, professional, and dedicated.

Linda F.

Smiling young man using smartphone at the beach

“I absolutely love the amount of care and compassion…”

My experience was nothing short of fantastic. I initially went in for a consultation for my aching joints. Dr. Dickey did a great job explaining every possible treatment option and made sure I was comfortable and cared for. I have special needs and the office took care of me in every way possible. I absolutely love the amount of care and compassion that they put into my experience. I am so glad I found this place!

Justin R.

“I am shocked and blown away…”

Where do I start?! I have been dealing with incontinence issues for a while now and didn’t know where to turn. There were days that I would be standing in my kitchen and had no bladder control. I was afraid to be in the car that I would have an accident. I was afraid to go in public or be around other people because I was afraid I would have an accident and I did a couple of times. I was mortified!!!! I currently live in Florida and heard about Align an option that might work. I came back to visit family and knew I’d was home for 10 days so tried it out the PEMF. I went once a day for 8 of the 10 days I was home. To say that I am shocked and blown away is an understatement. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks and I have not had one accident or even close to an accident. Thank you! 🤗

Amie M.

“I am super excited…”

Dr. Dickey was able to work me in last minute when I hurt my back. He gave me this awesome TENS unit-like treatment called PEMF which felt great. They offer some other amazing treatments and infusions to help me stay healthy this winter that I am super excited to do!

Andrea P.

“Highly recommended…”

Highly recommended. Dr. Jim really takes the time to understand the cause of your health problems NOT just treating the systems. After working with them for months I’m pain free and have lost the stubborn weight I could not lose. I highly recommend Align to anyone who needs another approach to getting healthy other than going to your doctor who just treats symptoms.

Brad A.

“I am truly fulfilling my dream…”

I am truly fulfilling my dream of helping patients get healthy in a holistic way by empowering them to take their healthcare into their own hands without relying on prescription drugs or unnecessary treatments or surgeries. We are so fortunate to have the most incredible patients!

Amy Z.

“Absolutely loved my experience…”

This place is the real deal!! Absolutely loved my experience & definitely the feeling I felt after treatment!! Have to go to experience this for yourselves people!!!!! Tired of the all the pills you take, start here!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!! GET THE RIGHT HELP YOU NEED IN LIFE, NOT MORE PILLS!!! I NEED A KNEE REPLACEMENT: After just 1 treatment in the HOCCOT, I HAVE FELT A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY KNEES WHERE I JUST WANT TO KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE, BECAUSEOF LESS PAIN!!!! OH & HUGO IS AMAZING TOO!!!

Israel M.

“I highly recommend Align to anyone…”

Been a client for 3 months now, and I’m so happy with my results. I’ve lost 30 pounds and my energy has been amazing. The staff is friendly and always available for questions. I highly recommend Align to anyone who needs another outlook and getting healthy.

Eric L.

“I appreciate and respect his approach…”

Dr. Jim is very knowledgeable and passionate about his Office. It’s a very beautiful office that’s reminds you of a spa, very relaxing. His staff are very kind and attentive and can answer questions. I love using the O3 therapy because it’s so rejuvenating and relaxing. I appreciate and respect his approach with alternative medicine, if you are tired of guessing what’s wrong with you, please visit Dr. Jim, so that he and his staff can work together with you to get down to the root cause. I was educated greatly on how the gut effects how our whole entire body functions, it’s amazing information. Please visit!

Ardelia O.